KENTON [ˈkentn] \ of Old English origin, meaning “from the King’s town”, “Regal” and “Bold”.

KENTON magazine is a leading, global online fashion and lifestyle magazine for young, professional men and women. Bringing readers to the forefront of fashion, culture and society, KENTON magazine delivers original content from an industry insider’s perspective.

Featuring a mix of high-end luxury and emerging talent, we strive to showcase the most innovative creations produced in the world of design. Curators of style, we show you the chicest destinations and satisfy your lifestyle cravings.

KENTON magazine was founded in September 2010 by Alexander Liang, a graduate of Parsons School of Design. Coming from Vancouver, Canada, Alexander broke into the New York scene, gaining experience in the fashion editorial and PR world. He created KENTON magazine on the basis of bridging the gap between the commercial and overly avant-garde publications currently available to North American consumers.

Striving to be unique to the countless other online fashion sources, Alexander is determined to prioritize original, fashion editorial photography and content, putting KENTON magazine at the forefront of trend creation and interpretation.

The magazine is put together by a dynamic team of writers and editors, based in Toronto, New York, Vancouver and London. Meet the team here!

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