Balmain Resort 2013

After finally coming full circle, Olivier Rousteing has no need to prove himself as the head designer for the iconic Parisian house. His second year of being at the helm of the glam-rock-chic house began with his Resort 2013 collection, which also marked his foray in to creating a signature.

Whilst the common elements of the Balmain house are all present – large shoulders, skinny legs, and plenty of gold and embellishment – Rousteing began to expand his creativity in to the houses own aesthetic. The collection featured wide leg culottes, pastel sorbet shades, and circus-like diamond and striped prints with floral accentuations, giving the collection a softer edge, rather than the eponymous Balmain rock edge that Rousteing has been spawning for the past few collections. Sheer fabrics and pinks were a particular highlight, giving the collection and airy, spring-fresh feel, harking to a cleaner slate. The clean lines and effortless tailoring were another highlight, showing off Rousteing’s ability to accentuate the body. The essential leather was of course present, in both a full on one piece, a flared skirted dress, and a pastel jacket that is currently our top prediction for ‘most ripped off’ piece in fast fashion retailers for the season. The Emmanuelle Alt-esque factor was of course present, only highlighting how Rousteing remained only somewhat safe with this collection, but in a daring, edgy way, highlighting his newfound expansion. Alongside the ready-to-wear, of course, were the accessories, including heavily embroidered, detailed, and weaved clutches, simple and chic heels, and an array of similar belts.

Olivier Rousteing’s legacy at Balmain has only just begun, and one must really appreciate the effort, dedication, and attention he has put in to the heritage of the brand, especially under his mentor Decarnin. But the Resort collection marks a new era for the brand, allowing Rousteing to show his abilities, and of course his creative temperament, in his work. And judging on this collection, it’s clear that Olivier was definitely the right man for the job, but the days of following in someone else’s footsteps was definitely so last season. Now begins the reign of Rousteing.