Basil Soda Couture Spring 2012

Basil Soda’s Paris Spring Summer 2012 Couture collection was not just romantically intricate, but his attention to detail and lines span further than his skills in architecture. The collection offered an ethereal take on armour with delicate fabrics, lace and layers of embroidery. Under each layer a story of new lines and tailoring was told when this Lebanese born designer spared no time in uniting together sophisticated structure and his organic silhouettes.

Crystals and stones gleamed off of each dress that flounced down the runway in an array of bright whites, pale pinks, soft greys and yellows to a pop of copper and black.

With femininity crafted so finely, it is no wonder that this designer is reaching the attention of many in the fashion industry. His touch on design is reminiscent of the grand Ricardo Tisci and the superior Alexander McQueen. The runway show bestowed an intimate and sombre yet glamorous setting that allowed each look to speak loudly for itself, while each gown flowed from the shoulders down to each model’s gazelle like legs.

After Basil Soda’s Fall Winter 2011 collection, this awaited Spring Summer collection left us more than impressed and we proudly look forward to what he will design next.

Photo credit: Yannis Vlamos