Behind The Scenes of Hey Bombshell’s New Music Video “The Single Life”

Exclusive Interview with Hey Bombshell.

Hey Bombshell, formerly known as “For the Weekend” releases their debut song “The Single Life” on iTunes May 1st! Hey Bombshell includes Myles Rivoire (Lead Singer) , Colton Peters (Guitar/Vocals), Dennis Hann (Guitar/Vocals) and Jay McDonald (Drums).

Hey Bombshell was featured on Much Music’s hit TV show “Discovered” in 2011. They got a big break when they entered into a massive radio talent search with AMP 91.3 in their hometown of Calgary, where they found themselves landing in the top 12, then going on to win the coveted Grand Prize as the “Best Of The Best” and walked away with $200,000… KENTON Magazine was recently on set when they filmed their music video. Here is our interview with them!

KENTON: How long have you four been together for? How did you guys meet?

Myles: We were originally called “For the weekend” and we’ve been together for two years.

Jay: Myles and I were frienemies in high school. We had the same friends but our bands were rivals. It was high school so we were immature and had some sort of petty competition going on. One day, I heard Myles singing on the stairwell and I decided that I needed him in my band.

Myles: Me and Colton were playing in a band together and when jay had asked me to leave my band to start a new on, i dragged Colton along with me. Dennis was someone we always knew but never played with and when we found out he had left Toronto and was coming back to Calgary, we couldn’t pass the chance to have him in our band. Just like that Hey Bombshell was formed

KENTON: You said you’ve been together for two years. What did you do before the competition? What were you guys doing?

Myles: Right after we formed the band, maybe 3-4 months in, we got casted into the show “Discovery”. We actually had to send in a little video clip and I guess they saw the video we sent and was inspired! They thought it was a touching video. It was a video about bands trying to make it. That show actually helped us develop as a band. We went into it with no idea what we wanted to do with our music and one moment from that show really changed us. Greig Nori from Treble Charger took us to the Saddledome and basically told us that we would never play in the Saddledome if we were going the way that we were currently. Tough Love. Telling us how to – and what we should do.

Dennis: He put us back in our place and taught us to be more humble. It was good we got the lesson back then, rather than now or later.

KENTON: How are you different from another pop/rock band out there? What makes you guys different?

Myles: Were the first boy band with instruments. Pop and roll, not pop rock.

Jay: Were a man band!

KENTON: What’s the main reason why you switched your name?

Hey Bombshell: We grew out of the old one. Like taste buds change, we changed and grew up. We want something mature, something new, and fresh. We also wanted something catchy.

KENTON: How did you guys come up with Hey Bombshell?

Jay: We actually wanted to be Hello Bombshell but we google’d it and turns out Victoria Secret has the copyright! But hey if the bra fits us, might as well wear it! So now we’re hey bombshell.

KENTON: What are your inspirations?

Colton: Babes.

Myles: We all come from different backgrounds and love everything. I used to play in a metal band before and I also love everything from super pop to country.

Jay: We love Taylor Swift and if you ever get a chance to meet her, please tell her we love her!

Myles: But honestly? Jacob Hoggard from Hedley.

Dennis: My shitzu when I was twelve named Jodi.

Jay: I mean, Inspiration depends… every day is different. Whatever sparks it that day. I know its stupid but its whatever triggers it that day is my inspiration.

KENTON: What sort of advice would you provide to aspiring bands?

Jay: Stay humble and work all day, all night.

Dennis: Be unique, be yourself. It doesn’t have to be your image and it could be your music because too many bands are out there try to be the same.

KENTON: What are you doing when you’re not writing music?

Hey Bombshell: Hockey. Our favorite team is Minnesota Wild.

KENTON: What is your 3-5 year plan? 

Jay: World domination of course. What else?

KENTON: Who would you like to be able to play/tour with or work with in terms of music collaboration?

Dennis: I would love to tour with Taylor Swift, you can’t beat the class and power of a pop star that big. She’s a spectacle.

KENTON: What is your fashion? Personal style?

Jay: Two words: Vlad Dad. We’re from Alberta so there’s a lot of denim on denim. We each have our own styles and own thing going – you’ll notice I wear a lot of polo’s.

KENTON: Are you single? 

Jay: Depends, who’s asking? Some of us are single, some of us are not.

KENTON: What would you love to do if this single blows up?

Dennis We want to tour, we love playing music live and being able to do that and share our music with people that love us, that would be amazing!

KENTON: Is there something that you want to say to your fans?

Jay: Thanks for being so cool, for all the support and all the time. It’s a good feeling to wake up and always be able to see people tweeting, talking to us. It’s almost like we cant keep up all the time.

KENTON: Who should KENTON Magazine interview next and why? 

Jay: Zach Galifianakis. Great Beard.


Hey Bombshell is releasing their single “The Single Life” on May 1. You can find their single at iTunes or all other online stores via XOXO Entertainment/Universal Music.


UPDATE: Watch the full music video for “The Single Life” below:

Portrait photo credit: Ty Snaden
Behind the scenes photo credit: Dean Guzman Photography