Beyonce’s Best Days Come Back With Pepsi

This morning, Pepsi released a commercial starring Beyonce, who is seen, not surprisingly, dancing to her upcoming single “Grown Woman.” Oh right, and naturally this little improv dance aside is inspired by a sip from an ice-cold can of Pepsi.

Entitled “Mirrors,” the campaign shows Beyonce in a large dance studio, surrounded by floor-length mirrors. After the inevitable sip from a Pepsi can, Beyonce begins to see reflections of herself dressed in iconic looks from her past and performing some of her most recognized dance moves. The video comes to an end when we hear Beyonce say “embrace your past, but live for now.” The commercial is part of Pepsi’s celebrity-infused “Live For Now” global ad campaign that launched a year ago.

If you’ll recall, this isn’t the first time that Pepsi and Beyonce have worked together. Her first appearance associated with the beverage company was nearly 10 years ago, when she appeared alongside Britney Spears, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias in a gladiator-inspired video that featured Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Since then, Knowles snatched up a $50 million brand-ambassador deal just a few short months ago in late 2012. This year, she will be forever immortalized alongside dark fizzy goodness when her face is featured on Pepsi cans.

I don’t think we’ve see the last of this pairing…but an ice-cold soda and a sexy, dancing Knowles are welcome on my television or computer screen anytime. Bring it on Beyonce.