Budget Conscious Summer Makeup Trends

My favorite trend for this summer is one that’s carrying over from fall, clean looking fresh faces! As a makeup artist, one of the most defining tools in your arsenal is the clean no makeup look. It’s always great for me when I can help my divas look and feel their fresh and healthy best! There are so many products being advertised right now to help you achieve this look, so I am going to offer you my advice on doing it without breaking your bank.
Always start with a great canvas!

It’s ridiculous to think you will always get enough ‘beauty sleep’ so it’s important to know what to use to fake it and get started with a level playing field. I always recommend products to cleanse that are meant for sensitive skin, they offer the least amount of irritation to your skin possible and help prevent any added stress to your skin’s natural healthy radiance. My top picks are found in your local discount retail stores and don’t need to break your budget. You want to stay away from products that exfoliate with anything other than a round bead. Crushed shells, like walnut, can pull and tear at your pores and create future problems for you! Once you have prepared your blank slate it’s time to moisturize and prepare that canvas for the summer heat and sun. A tinted SPF moisturizer is a great way to achieve many steps in one and protect you from harsh sun exposure. Most come as an SPF 15 and offer just a wee bit of tint and won’t dramatically change your skin’s color. If you can’t find one at your local drug store that offers what you need then I recommend a trip to your local department store, it’s going to be a bit more pricey but it’s a place to splurge for sure. I do also make a stop at the department store for my favorite eye cream too, one with caffeine in it to help circulate any extra blood that may be pooling just under your eyes. This will help you minimize the amount of makeup you may feel you have to wear and help perk up the area around your eyes, also a place where I splurge on my beauty budget.

And the eyes have it. . .
So things you may already be practiced up on from past seasons are making a return this season! We’re definitely seeing a more muted version of the colors we’ve seen previously but still with that catchy vibrancy. This is not always my top choice for a budget splurge tho because this trend can easily be gone before you’ve used up all of the product so be wise when investing in bright and vibrant shadows. Smokey eyes are still around but
my favorite use has been with metallic or bronze colors. This is an area where you can get a little splurge going if you find a shadow palette or shades that really just work for you in a good way. Bronze and metallic colors will almost always be something you can utilize again and again even if you have to use them in differing ways than you’re going to use them this summer. Of course there is always the eye liner to remember too and my favorite trend for this summer is the silver and pale blues! I often skip shadow all together for my own self and just let my liner do the talking for me, it’s a simple and fun way to express color that isn’t as bold as the bright vibrant shadows and is again something that will be used again if you don’t happen to go thru all of it this season. These are another item that you can pick up at a discount retailer and not go nuts with your beauty budget.

Just a hint of color. . .
So the trend for cheeks is continuing on with hints of shimmer color on the cheeks or a bronzer product, just a hint of flush or a sun kissed look for the summer is all it takes to be spot on here! Bronzers and blushes do not need to break your bank either, another fabulous discount store purchase find! Make sure to choose a shade appropriate for your coloring tho as we can’t all look good in baby pink blush or golden bronzers, I personally am not a bronzer girl for example. I am a pale complexion red head and bronzers never look right on me no matter who makes them or what they cost but I have fabulous luck with mauve color blushes just to contour my cheek bones so please do make sure that you’re getting the right cheek product for you.

From my lips. . .
With just a kiss, you can make a statement this summer! Soft colors of pink, coral and nude or neutral lips will help to accentuate your own natural lip color this summer and once again don’t need to break your bank either! Lip color trends can vary so much from season to season that I do not ever recommend purchasing a high dollar lip stick unless you have a signature color or you are sure you can use the whole thing before the trend changes again. It’s just so frustrating to have to see that investment’s shelf life expire when you’ve still got a 1/4″ or more of it to use up! The trends come early to higher end retail lines and if you’re patient all more affordable lines come out with their own version that will save you some cash and let you still be trend ready.

So with a bit of thrifty shopping you can be right on with all of the summer trends and make a high dollar statement with just a bit of investment! You can always go to a makeup counter and get a free demonstration of their products to be sure that these trend worthy things are right for you, a great way to test drive some of these things you may never have tried before. Make sure to invest in the things that count like moisturizing and cleansing products because you’ve only got the one canvas to work with and remember to stay properly hydrated and have a fabulous summer!