Catching Up With Aaron Crawford

Aaron Crawford 02When we first met Aaron Crawford, his passion and talent immediately captured us. Two years later after his KENTON cover shoot, we caught up with the young musician to find out where he’s been, what he’s been doing and what’s coming next. With a new record dropping soon, Aaron is continuing on the road to success, and definitely one to watch!

KENTON magazine: It’s been a while since we met and did our first feature with you. What have you been up to since then? Aaron Crawford: I have been up to a lot! Spent some time in LA recording and playing, and released a record that I’m super proud of, with some great friends, including Nik Hughes from Youngblood Hawke and Adam Macdougall from The Black Crowes. The first single “Bad Habit” did pretty well and had us busy performing radio shows and festivals in 2012.  We also appeared on Fox 5’s Morning show and hit some Red Carpet events in New York City, like the premiere of Rob Burnett’s latest film We Made This Movie.  So far in 2013, the band has started work on a new record, was nominated for 2 Washington Area Music awards and invited to perform multiple showcases at SXSW.  It’s been Rad!

KENTON: What’s the most exciting thing you’re currently working on?  Aaron: I would have to say the new record! This one is going to be a fun record, more party with the same emphasis on huge choruses.  I have also been dabbling with keys and electronic sounds, and I love gypsy punk. I’m really trying to bring all of that together on this one – a lot of energy and songs that make you want to sing along! Aaron Crawford 03

KENTON: Can you share some inspiration behind your new album?  Aaron: My past has a lot to do with this new record. I wanted to step away from writing solely about relationships, and open up about things that I wouldn’t normally write about.  Everyone loves a song about partying and getting laid, but that doesn’t mean every song has to be about it, you know? One of the songs, “Time To Swim” is literally about avoiding going to jail after a street fight, by diving into a lake and swimming to the other shoreline. I want those stories heard.  Real stories make great songs.

KENTON: Anything exciting about this new album that listeners might not know? Or something you’re personally excited about? Aaron: Aside from some of the names that will be on the record, the most exciting thing I think is that I’m getting back to my edgy roots, which will make the live shows more energetic than they already are.  Crazy truth and passion going into these songs! Really excited to get it out! I’m also excited about where music is going in general. There are some great bands out there doing their thing. I’ve been digging on bands like Chvrches and The Wavves lately and of course I got love for Youngblood Hawke! Awesome stuff!

KENTON: What’s next now?  Aaron: My focus this year is more touring and I would also love to go overseas with this new stuff.  After the record comes out, I’ll go where it takes me…

Listen to Aaron Crawford’s new single “Rebel Hearts One” below and download it for free for the next two weeks!

Keep up with Aaron on Twitter @AaronCrawfrd.

Aaron Crawford 01

Photo Credit: Jonathan Thorpe
Location: Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington DC

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