Céline Resort 2013

After her presentation for her Fall collection back in March, we thought Phoebe Philo wouldn’t be able to top her immense ability to create flawless, sartorially inclined, yet insanely wearable collections. And oh, how we thought wrong.

Rather than introduce anything new, Philo – whose pregnancy was the basis of a show less fall collection – has taken a seat back, back to the aspects of the Céline brand that made the fashion world fall in love with her. The Resort collection saw the return of the pyjama print, this time in seasonally appropriate oranges and blues, as well as the pyjama movement – flimsy fabrics such as silk and jersey dominated, whilst accentuated by leopard, polka dot and baroque prints. The sleek Céline lines that have permeated and dominated in every collection as of late return with a vengeance, but in a way that is even chic-er than last season (if at all possible). Blues, greens, burgundy and red joined the white sheer panels, solid black and white also presented their ever-so-flawless heads, and in the form of the brand new ‘It’ bag the All Soft, whose fold-over clutch like appearance will dominate the street style blogs in a matter of no time at all. The full, straight, yet flared pants returned, in both a pyjama form with sheer veils and the more pressed, formal format which have both proved as popular as each other.

The key to Philo’s philosophy for Céline is simple – don’t change too much, or else people will forget what makes the name so eponymous with style, chic, and flawlessness. And though some skeptics may argue that this could get boring, we assure you – the effortless, Parisian chic that Philo produces each season is not her way of following the guidelines of what ‘chic’ is, it is her way of completely redefining and revolutionizing the very word and meaning itself. And that is why Céline is the brand that has editors, buyers, and fashion fiends falling over themselves each and every season.