Gucci Men’s Spring 2013

The Gucci Spring 2013 Collection was a true lesson of simple cuts with the power of color. Red was the main theme in the collection, subtly changing the hues of the color to create a dimensional state of monochromatic palette. Gucci didn’t shy away from incorporating other hot colors for 2013 such as green, yellow and lighter shades of blue. The collection also boasted a powerful element of white, as the looks were functional, formal, and true to the Gucci man. Bold prints that were symmetric and artistic in nature added just enough accents to the collection of solids. Perfectly cropped pants in the collection were masculine, trendy, and summer-ready, encouraging a sockless summer with a great pair of gucci loafers. Speaking of loafers, the collection was accessorized with the standard gucci bit loafer, in a range of colors from black leather, to yellow suede, and even a green reptile skin that packed as much punch as the looks it completed.