Krystof Strozyna Fall 2012

In 2007 Krystof Strozyna graduated from Central Saint Martins, and almost instantly the fashion industry took notice; from his exhibition at Harrods to being sponsored by Topshop’s New Generation project, a design master was born. Why mention his credentials when discussing his latest autumn/winter collection you may ask? Well, the show came across as a coming of age moment for Strozyna; the sharp shapes and meticulous draping was so exquisitely sophisticated that you couldn’t help but feel that this was one designer who had raised his game. The collection predominantly consisted of shades of the night sky, combined with leather, sheer panels and bursts of cobalt blue, infused the collection with elements of mystery and seduction amidst the intelligent tailoring and geometric cuts. The collection also held a sense of drama, with a billowing black cape and the countless decadent chocker collars that would have looked entirely at ease in a production of Hamlet or a contemporary take of a dark and twisted fairytale. All in all, the collection was one of fashion promise, that Krystof Strozyna is one of the best contemporary celebrators of the female figure and that each of his forthcoming collections will only get better and better.