Men’s Spring Style Essentials

Ah, the sweet smell of spring is finally in the air. With the dreariest days now left behind us, everyone is coming out of hibernation, taking strolls and eating outdoors to bask in the weather because they can. Before letting the days get any sunnier, make sure there’s a stockpile in your closet of the following must-have spring essentials.

1.    Pastel Button-down, Perry Ellis
Similar to the classic tee, button-downs are just easy. Grab one if you need to quickly put together a socially-acceptable outfit that’ll look dapper no matter the occasion. They look great with all sorts of pants, from denim shorts to chinos.  $69.50,

2.    A Polo With Trimming, Original Penguin
This slim-fit polo by Original Penguin is tough and rocker-esque, which is always a great combo. The pop of white trimming by the neck takes the place of any jewelry and directs onlookers’ attention upward to your cranium. Make sure you clean up that 5 o’clock shadow, fellas. $59,

3.    Cotton Shorts, H&M
Stray away from plaid with a pair of solid, cotton shorts. They’re sleek and professional. Dress it up, or dress it down. $29.95,

4.    Slip-ons, Superdry
For footwear, here’s a suede boat shoe. Buy it in dark navy and give the illusion that they’re in mint condition even after a few too many long nights out at the bar. $140,

5.    A Braided Belt, Lifetime Collective
Give your leather belts a break and braided belts a try. The relaxed fit of this kind of belt, made of canvas, gives a no-fuss feel to your outfit of the day. $39.99,

6.    Swim Shorts, Nautica
Straight from their Sailing Club Collection, these swim shorts are outfitted with a quick dry fabric, so you won’t have to walk around soaking wet for too long after taking a dip in the pool. $48,

7.    Fresh Scent, GANT
Step into spring and leave a trace of the new GANT fragrance for men trailing behind you. It smells something like the coast of New England: woody (you know, like that boat you own in reality or in your imagination) and oceanic. If you’re looking to ooze that just-came-from-the-beach scent, this one’s a winner. 3.4 fl. oz. – $90,

8.     The Slouchy Sweater, Lifetime Collective
Great for a casual day or night, this sweater is light enough that it won’t make you sweat as the sun hits its peak. There’s a little extra fabric in the sleeve, but you can roll them up if a walk with friends turns into an impromptu game of rock-paper-scissors. Throw it on with a pair of cotton bermuda’s, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with fabric. $89.99,

9.    A Lightweight Tee, Nautica
A breezy graphic tee has endless possibilities.  It’s simple and ready to be worn with mostly anything, anywhere.  Running errands? Going shopping? Getting dressed for a night with your significant other? Don’t stress—just remember the classic tee. $29.50,

10. Aviators, Joe Fresh
Looking to boost your style-points? Here’s one suggestion: Joe Fresh shades. Especially the purple tinted pair. Add it to your wish-list and head to a store near you to purchase (they don’t do e-commerce as of late). And feel free to wear these sunglasses at night—we won’t judge you. $19,

  • The purple tent aviators are a great touch for a mans spring wardrobe and I really like the idea of a braided belt for spring

  • Tiana Blue

    Thank you! It’s essential to incorporate colors. The constant rain makes many people want to dress more somber. Stay bright and get ready for the summer! And braided belts always look good, especially when the weather gets warmer. Leather can look a bit heavy with light summer clothing.

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