Milk Gallery Presents: Cliff Watts’ “Wood Water & Rock”

Can’t wait until NYFW to visit Milk? Neither could we! Fortunately, there’s plenty of reason to head over to fashion’s darling in the upcoming weeks, where photographs from Cliff Watts’ book “Wood Water & Rock” are on display.

On opening night this past Tuesday, the vibe at Milk, as usual, oozed cutting edge sophistication. Shades of grey, black, white and sepia dominated, with American photographer Watts’ photos of nudes in nature lining the walls. Bodies molded into wood, water, and rock, the eponymous settings of the book. Watts mingled in the crowd, explaining how he traveled into parts unknown to achieve a harmony between the natural elements of humanity and earth.

The photos are on display through February 4th, after which fashion week kicks into gear. Well played, Milk Gallery – there is no better way to cleanse our palettes for the onslaught of design than to start with the ultimate blank slate, the naked body.