Modasuite: Shopping Made Easier For Men


Modasuite may very well be the ultimate answer for every man’s shopping desire. The bitter fact is that men like to shop for clothing in an efficient manner, wasting the least amount of time possible. The good news is that men on-the-go can finally say goodbye to spending all that unnecessary time in fitting rooms, hoping they can fit into at least one of the many chosen shirts or pants and be done with it.

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Modasuite offers a simple yet gratifying shopping experience online for its Canadian and American male buyers. Cofounders Yifeng & Hicham’s business model thrives on customized, perfectly tailored clothing for men in the North American market. KENTON magazine sat down with Yifeng to gain more insight into what drives Modasuite’s present success and future opportunities within the men’s fashion industry.

KENTON magazine: How did the whole business idea come about & where did this inspiration come from?

Yifeng: “Modasuite was inspired in part by a conversation I had with a good friend of mine about 2 years ago. In his early thirties, he told me how he found it extremely hard to find cool clothes that fitted him well and that he was too busy to browse shops, so all this made it practically impossible for him to dress sharp. That conversation kind of stuck with me since I realized that most of the media attention was on fashion for fashion’s own purpose.

When it came down to creating our vision for our brand and online shop, Hicham (Modasuite’s cofounder) and I wanted to create another kind of clothing label that was closer to our clients and that offered more democratic options like custom fits on every piece. The internet was a way to achieve that and through our online shop we are basically able to bring the client directly to the workshop and cut every step in between. We are mostly guys at the company so we definitely know what dudes want.

KENTON: Where did you come up with the name “Modasuite?” What does it represent?

Yifeng: “The name is actually directly related to the inspiration behind our online shop – it simply signifies a place where men can go and get dressed. It embodies our vision to create an all inclusive and accessible space where modern style, personalized service and great designs come together.

KENTON: What would you say is the main aspect of Modasuite that sets yourself apart from other brands or retailers?

Yifeng: “Well there are many! From a retail perspective, I believe we have a unique focus on making the experience extremely intimate and therefore simpler – starting from our personalized product selections to offering custom fits for all. Our designs are modern and distinctive but easy to coordinate which I think is all that men wish for. Above all, we are also proud of offering designs with intricate details at a very accessible price. The thing that makes me the happiest is to see a piece of ours worn by someone at a party in a way that I would have never imagined and that is also an inspiration.

KENTON: Where do you see Modasuite in the next five years? Ten years?

Yifeng: “There are so many exciting things that we are working on for the next 12 months that looking beyond seems a far reach, but we will definitely continue to expand our line and bring new services and ways of shopping online. We have recently revamped our online website where we will individually give all our members exclusive member prices according to their style preferences handpicked by our stylists. I really believe that we are only beginning to explore the possibilities of retail both online but also blending online and offline. Also I’d be interested in bringing our designs and model to new markets as I find it extremely interesting the way people interact with clothes differently in different countries. For now, all I can say is that the best is yet to come and we’re just getting started.

KENTON: Describe who the ideal Modasuite shopper would be in terms of looks and lifestyle.

Yifeng: “Well I’m not one to say who our customer should be as we try to make our products and service as democratic as possible. But if you really want to know, I design with guys like you in mind – entrepreneurial, international, visionary – guys that appreciate style and fine designs and appreciates substance over brands. Those who have much better things to do than shopping on a Saturday, and that once dressed they like to have the freedom to transition directly from work to dinner to a night out!

Modasuite is the future of menswear shopping made simple, uncomplicated and effortless. The collection exudes both sophistication and elegance, transitioning from a range of stylized patterns such as colored plaids to monochromatic checkers. To view their complete collection and for more information, visit and get started on your personalized shopping account.

Modasuite – “partner in style.”