Mulberry Fall 2012

Shortly after the announcement of their new Del Rey bag, the eponymous singer was sitting front row at the show which was sure to cement her in to fashion history. Alongside celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen and Azealia Banks, Lana Del Rey sat amongst fashion’s greatest. The collection, which was cemented with the colors of the fall and winter months (orange, brown, navy, and, of course, black), epitomized the season, with its bulky furs, steady tweeds and voluminous layerings. But like many designers this season, Emma Hill was not afraid to shy away from a little pop of color, especially within her slightly bulkier pieces. The hints of understated animal prints were a key highlight, emphasizing the subtlety that these prints can actually exude. A truly British, and truly Mulberry collection, it is clearly thanks to key brands like Mulberry that have cemented London as a fashion capitol, and with good reason too.


Photos via WWD