A New Year, A New You: Our 3 Rules To Getting Your Closet Together

With the welcoming of a new year, you should also be welcoming some new additions to your closet. Use this time to give your closet some TLC and do some work where it’s really needed. There are a lot of different routes you can take here. You may not need any new clothes, at all. You may just need to sift through, and get rid off all the crap that you don’t wear. Personally, I make it a point to clean out my closet every 3 months and donate the clothing to charity or sell it. That sweater that your ex gave you, toss it. Those ill fitting trousers, throw them in the trash.

Here are our three rules to making sure your closet is in tip-top condition for 2013:

1) Replace, Replace, Replace – You’ve been wearing those undershirts all year, and they are sure to have some sweat stains, toss them. Switch our your undershirts every 4-6 months. The same goes for socks. Use this time to replace some of your underwear as well, because being hygienic is a good thing. You’ll also want to replace those sneakers you wore without socks all summer, because they probably reek.

2) Key Pieces Are The Answer! – After you’ve gone through and got rid of all the bullsh*t in your closet, you’ll want to take an inventory. Start taking a stock of your sweaters, oxfords, jeans and just about everything you wear on a daily basis. This is the time to go out and grab yourself some new, better fitting, higher quality pieces. Do keep in mind though, that price doesn’t reflect quality. Those sweaters at J.Crew are the same quality as some sweaters in Barneys New York or Bergdorf Goodman. This isn’t your closet from college anymore, this is your adult closet. This is your time to sartorially shine and make a name for yourself!

3) Throw In The Trend – You don’t want to spend your whole holiday bonus on buying pieces that will only be good for a season, but it’s good to have a few of those pieces. Take a cue from the runways, trend reports and the streets and let it inspire you. Throw in some printed pieces and some color to make your closet really pop. This is a great way to give your outfits some personality and really express who YOU are as a person.

We’ll be posting our extensive Spring 2013 trend report soon. It should give you some amazing inspiration into what you should be wearing in a few months. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below!