NIVEA Launched New HYDRA IQ Technology


NIVEA has released a new line of HYDRA IQ products, containing their exclusive patented moisturizing technology that works to balance the skin’s natural moisture level. HYDRA IQ supports the skin’s hydration system and the transfer of moisture throughout the skin. Promoting water transfer throughout the moisture network results in superior, longer-lasting skin hydration.

We had the opportunity to visit the NIVEA HYDRA IQ launch event and try some of the new products first-hand. The Express Hydration Body Lotion ($8.99 for 13.5 oz) stood out in the line as a must-have moisturizer, perfect for the coming summer months. Lightweight and refreshing, this lotion absorbs quickly and has a minty fresh scent.

HYDRA IQ is the next generation in moisturization technology that intelligently delivers moisture where it is needed, resulting in smoother, silkier and softer skin.

NIVEA HYDRA IQ technology products are available at all food and drug stores across the United States. For more information, visit