Ping He Spring 2013

A highlight of Vancouver Fashion Week, Ping He showed a fantastic, truly ready-to-wear collection. Infused with elements inspired by both East and West, it was a fusion of chic and street.

Ping He is a leading international fashion designer, with fans that include Madonna and Uma Thurman. She has worked under some of the most prestigious fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen and has won numerous awards for her designs. Based in London, Ping He travels between her home there and Paris, Hong Kong and Beijing.

For spring 2013, the look is sophisticated with an edge. Silhouettes combine strength and femininity with ease. Flowing fabrics are mixed with more structural, leather pieces. Black and grey dominate the collection, with moments of pure red. Stark, clean lines are combined with seductive sheers, creating an intriguingly sexy appeal.

See all of the looks below.

Photo Credit: Matt Chen