Prada Launches $51 Million Dollar Yacht To Take Over San Francisco

Leave it to Miuccia Prada, in partnership with Patrizio Bertelli, to launch a yacht that cost more money than we’ll ever see in a lifetime. Apparently, the yacht is referred to as the “Prada Super Yacht,” which is probably the coolest thing we’ve heard in a while. The super yacht is said to race in America’s Cup, which takes place in San Francisco.

This is the fourth time that the pair have gotten together to make a yacht. What makes this yacht different? Well, it’s super. And the fact that the yacht is a 22-foot maxi catamaran (whatever that means), and that it took 300 workers 52,000 hours to make. This is apparently their most impressive vessel to date. Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli spoke to Vogue UK about the yacht, “I felt it inappropriate to call it a yacht or a boat, it’s an industrial artefact that happens to sail on the ocean.

Did you also know that Miuccia used to row boats? According to The Times that is how her and Patrizio met. We couldn’t be happier for the pair as they launch their super yacht and wish them the best of luck on the waters.

Editors Note: According to the actual vessel only cost $5-10 million on R&D. The rest was spent on the entire campaign for the cup.