Secret to Great Skin: Belmondo’s Olive Oil (Secret)

Everyone loves mail, especially since most people just send emails these days. I was super excited to receive a small brown box in the mail from Belmondo Skincare.

I had heard of Belmondo Skincare before and knew that it was an organic line but I have never shown too much interest in organic anything except for maybe food. Belmondo Skincare was founded by Daniela Belmondo and all products are hand made in small batches in British Columbia, Canada. After learning that Belmondo uses olive oil in their line, I was excited to try the products. I received three things in the mail:

I generally have good skin. I only break out when I am super stressed or around the hairlines. I gave all three products a try and have fallen particularly in love with Belmondo’s Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. I have used many masks but this one really made my skin feel tighter. Like most gals, I have bigger pores around my t-zone and maybe I was just excited to try the mask but my pores really did look smaller after!

I am no toner expert so I won’t be able to comment on that. However, the toner felt very light and fresh on my skin and smells of flowers (I think it’s roses) in the toner. If you have dryer skin after exfoliating, Belmondo’s face exfolient would be the right product for you since it left my skin soft and smooth. I find that other exfolients strip away all your oils and leaves your skin dry and rough. All in all, I am super happy with the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask and can’t wait to use it again!

The great thing about Belmondo is that Daniela answers her own emails. I was able to get a little more insight to organic skin care and why olive oil is the way to go. Here is my interview with Daniela!

KENTON: What is the biggest difference between an organic and non organic skincare line?

Daniela: “I didn’t understand the need for all the crappy ingredients promising to remove this and change that for your skin. I started to research what actually was involved in the making of a skincare line and what goes into a formula and why.”  The biggest difference between organic and non organic skincare products is you can read and understand the ingredients on the label. An organic ingredient is a natural ingredient cultivated without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Organic skincare is the purest form of natural actives and is delivered the way nature intended. They are made from natural and organic ingredients that are high in antioxidants and help to repair, restore and regenerate skin cells without the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients. Plus they are environment-friendly!

KENTON: Can you tell me what exactly is involved in making a skincare line and what goes into a formula? I am personally absolutely clueless to what goes into skin care and the thought process you have to go through when developing a skincare line.

Daniela: Many hours of smart work. I like to work use the word, smart and not hard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been much hard work in creating this skin care range and bringing it to life. We’ve been grateful to work with our very own herbalist who manufactures our products working very closely with us. I spend most of my time working on packaging, labels, PR, growing and maintaing our wholesale accounts and sales. At the beginning I spent the majority of my time on testing our formulas. These have all been created from my experience in this industry and learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to skin care, what customers like and what the vision for my brand was going to be.

KENTON: What should people look for when choosing skincare?

Daniela: In my opinion when searching for a skin care line people should look for a product that feels good when you’re applying it on your skin. Also, a product should not dry out and take away the natural oils in your skin, this is what causes aging of the skin. Oils our skin produces are healthy and natural and a product should help to balance your skin, not strip away natural oils in the skin.

KENTON: Who should buy Belmondo (aka what type of skin types) and why?

Daniela: Belmondo Skin Care is great for all skin types. The line is excellent for nourishing your skin and helping to maintain the health of your skin. You can use one product or multiple, there are no rules with this line and you don’t have to use 3 products in a row in order to achieve great skin and results. Belmondo Skin Care is really awesome for all kinds of skin types including acne, rosacea, dehydrated and even sun damaged. The line is popular with males and females as well.

KENTON: You mentioned you use organic olive oil — why olive oil and what difference does it make in the results? With or without?

Daniela: Olive oil is used in most of the products. I’ve chosen olive oil because of it’s wonderful beneficial properties to the skin. It’s very similar to the natural oil our skin produces therefore the product absorbs into the skin and doesn’t sit on the top layer leaving a greasy residue. Olive Oil is a superior moisturizer and humectant. It can attract moisture from the air and binds it to the skin. Skin conditions such as eczema and acne respond well to skin care products containing, or made with olive oil, because of the anti-bacterial properties of this oil. It is also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants helps fight off the free radicals that often cause the signs associated with aging skin. On a personal level, I’ve chosen olive oil for my line because I *love* this oil. I grew up in Italy where my grandmother would use olive oil for almost everything, we bathed with olive oil soap, washed our clothes, prepared meals with it and of course applied it directly on our skin, which is where the idea to include it in my skin care line came from.

 KENTON: Where can you buy Belmondo? Is there a price difference between e-store and at a store?

Daniela: In Vancouver, BC, you can shop for Belmondo Skin Care at Anthropologie, Le Marche St George, LYNNSteven Boutique, Room6 Deep Cove, Blue Owl Boutique, Body Politic and various other shops available on our website: We just brought on our first stockist in New York abc carpet and home in Manhattan, this has been very exciting for us.

There is no price difference between e-store and stockists, all the products are priced the same.

Belmondo is Italian for ‘beautiful world.’ I believe that beautiful skin comes from products derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients. I’ve formulated this organic olive oil-based skin care line to protect, nourish, and enhance the natural beauty of those who use my products. As a licensed esthetician for over six years, I am passionate about sharing my vision with likeminded friends.

The line is designed around the daily rituals of caring for yourself. This natural skin care line uses organic ingredients, sourced fair trade whenever possible, that are brimming with the earth-grown goodness your body recognizes and uses to heal and beautify itself.