When it was announced at last springs NBC upfont that the musical drama SMASH was picked for a mid-season run, some were excited while some had thoughts of the failed VIVA LAUGHLIN. We fell into the excited category.

SMASH tells the story of the making of a new Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. We’ve seen the pilot episode and here are five reasons why you should tune in on Monday.

1) SMASH is not NBC’s version of GLEE. SMASH is something different all together. Where GLEE mainly features covers of Top 40 hits, SMASH has a great roster of original songs mixed in with a few covers like Katharine McPhee’s take of “Beautiful”.

2) Katharine McPhee is simply amazing. American Idol fans will remember her from season 5, and while she has had an album or two released, this show will really bring her to the spotlight and showcases her amazing vocals. She really shines as the underdog from a small town trying to make it big on Broadway.

3) Broadway can be just as cut throat as Hollywood. We’ve seen shows/movies about what it takes to make it Hollywood or the music industry, but this is really the first time we as an audience see the behind the scenes of a Broadway show. From the idea of a musical to the workshops to the casting, its all there including the drama.

4) Big dance numbers. Lets face it, half of the reason you go see a musical on Broadway is for those over the top, flashy, awesome song and dance numbers. Well expect nothing less from SMASH. If fact the pilot episode contains two numbers that kinda make you wish this was a real musical on Broadway vs. a TV drama.

5) The supporting cast. NBC has been heavily promoting both Katharine McPhee and Broadway vet Megan Hilty, however the rest of the cast is pretty impressive. You’ve got Emmy Award winner Debra Messing (WILL and GRACE), Tony Award nominee Christian Borle, and Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston. Watching these three interact on screen is something of delight and lets face it, nothing can be bad when Anjelica Huston is in the mix.

SMASH will premiere on Monday February 6th at 10pm on NBC. Want a sneak peek? Well check out this exclusive clip and photos below.