The Do’s and Don’t’s of Attending Fashion Week

With fashion week almost upon us it is time to be reminded of a few of some simple runway show Do’s and Don’t. Following these simple rules will leave you embarrassment free and help you to surviving the chaos.

Everyone enjoys a good drink and there is no shame in that but during a show it is best to keep it minimal. That second glass of red wine you are about to knock back will not leave your teeth looking all that great, plus your comments tend to get louder, your balance becomes lacking and the spill factor is raised. Drunken people are not pretty people and so keep your wine and spirits intake minimal, at least till the after party.

During Fashion Week we are always on the go, running from show to show with out any real time to stop for lunch or dinner. It’s always a great idea to keep a snack in your bag, A snack, ONE or TWO. Showing up to a show with a brown paper bag full of grub is not very fashionable. Crumbs as well as the constant crunching and munching do not make you a favorite of the other fashion week guests.

Now this can be tough some times even for the seasoned fashion week veterans. Sometimes we see shows that though have had a lot of effort put into them fall short. This is where things get hazy. Always remember, if you are going to make a comment or react be ready to put your money where your mouth is. Fashion week is filled with media as well as friends and family of the designers, you never know who you are sitting beside so sometimes it is best to stay neutral.