Tuesday Tunes: Sabi ft. Wale – “Where They Do That At”

Sabi Needs No Introduction

Some refer to her as the ‘reincarnation of Aaliyah’ for her unique look and musical swagger. Others have heard of her debut back when Britney Spears released her “Femme Fatale” album, which featured this fresh young talent in the cut “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” The rest have most definitely heard her charming presence on Cobra Starship’s club banger “You Make Me Feel.” Either or, Sabi is more than simply a rising triple-threat – from her vocal ability to her rapping skills to the energetic dance moves.

A little over a month ago, Sabi released the video for her debut single, “Wild Heart,” which garnered much media attention for its deep message, catchy lyrics and surprising comeback of the dub step. Now, she shows us her light-hearted, playful side with “Where They Do That At” along with guest rapper, Wale. The latest video showcases this Salvadorian-African-American beauty bouncing to agitated lyrics like “if you kiss me – imma queue for you – did you touch me – or did I touch you – just come say you love me and never come back.”

Sabi proves to be an artist that has great potential to be the next musical superstar. With a collaborative history with megastars such as Cobra Starship, Diplo, The Cataracs, among many more, this young songbird plans to release her full-length debut album this year which will be a sure-hit. In the meantime, we advise you to enjoy her addictive new video as we await more exciting releases from Sabi.